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offering ukulele classes, workshops, performances and more

Group Classes and Private Lessons for ages 8 and up
Private Lessons are currently full, however, you can add your name to my waiting list here.

** Group classes are non-refundable.  In some cases class credit may be applied.**

*New Class* Celtic Ukulele: This ensemble-style class will explore the Celtic music of Ireland, Scotland and the British Isles. Bagpipe drones, fiddly-bits, hammer-ons and pull-offs are just the beginning for this new offering.  We will also try our hand at a few traditional “session” tunes where the ukulele will play Celtic fiddle melodies. Material will include a curated set of traditional music that has been tailored to fit the ukulele like a fine kilt. Prior note-reading and/or tablature reading experience highly recommended. Low-G tuning recommended, though not mandatory. Intermediate level and above

  • Thursdays 6-7pm 2/1 - 4/19 Off on 3/1 & 3/15
  • $325


Wednesday 6-7pm Beginners Only! Sign up here

2/21 Ukulele 101 starting from the very beginning, we will learn how to tune, hold, strum and even pronounce ukulele. We will learn at least 1 song in our first session. $30

3/7 Ukulele 102 a continuation of the first class. We will review the basics and move forward in gaining comfort with new chords and some simple songs. $30

3/21 Ukulele 103 This class will introduce strumming techniques and work on some more basic songs. $30

4/4  Ukulele 104 The goal of this workshop is to put the left and right hand together in making music. Strumming, playing chords and singing at the same time will be our focus. $30

4/18 Ukulele 105 The last beginner workshop will review all the pieces and add a couple of "tricks" to make your music sound even more alive. $30

Beginner Workshop Series Package This special price is highly recommended for the ukulele beginner who wants to get the most out these workshops. You won't miss a beat, note or trick if you sign up for all 5 workshops! $125

Saturdays 2:30-4pm All Levels!

2/10  SOLD OUT Fingerstyle 103 This is a continuation of the popular series Fingerstyle 101 & 102. We will continue to deepen our practice and study of Dead-Thumb, Travis-picking and Classical technique. $35

2/24  SOLD OUT Fingerstyle Meditations-Classical Exercises  We will dig into some of the meditative qualities of fingerstyle arpeggios and group arrangements. Daniel Ward's Arpeggio Meditations for Ukulele provides the starting point for this workshop that will get us used to PIMA as we play our strings together. $35

3/10  SOLD OUTStrumming Tips, Techniques & Approaches The single most misunderstood and complex technique for most beginners? Strumming! We will take our time learning how to count, keep time, develop both straight and swing feel and much more in this 90-minute offering. $35

3/24  1 SPOT LEFT Arranging for Solo Ukulele If you are seeking the secrets of chord melody, then, this is the class for you. We will uncover some ways that rhythm, harmony and melody can come together to provide a well-balanced musical whole. Materials provided, Low-G recommended. $35

4/7  SOLD OUT Intro to Hawaiian Ukulele  Hawaiian turn-arounds in multiple keys, authentic Hawaiian 'anticipated" chords, and some sweet songs will be the focus of this 1st time offering. $35

4/21  3 SPOTS LEFT Intro to Jazz Ukulele Swing feel, syncopation, 6th & 9th chords do not have to be difficult. Our final installment of the spring will get us into the sophisticated sounds of Jazz ukulele. $35

Upcoming Workshops:


4th Annual edUKEcation Workshops co-taught with Bob Guz of the Austin Ukulele Society:

Soul Music Ukulele Band

Upcoming Events

4th Annual edUKEcation Workshops w/Bob Guz January 19-21 2018, Austin, TX

Kernville Blues & Harp Fest, March 1-4 2018, Kernville, CA

West Coast Ukulele Retreat, May 2-6 2018 Pacific Grove, CA

Austin Ukestra at the Austin Community Music Festival          

12-1pm Sunday April 22, 2018 Central Market North Austin, TX

Ashokan Ukulele Festival, May 25-27 2018 Saugerties, NY

Kerrville Folk Festival Ukulele Camp June 4-6 2018 Kerrville, TX

Dallas Ukulele Headquarters (DUH) Workshop/Concert    August 2018 (TBD) Dallas, TX


Solo Ukulele Album only available here.  Click on image to download now.

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